Hello, my name is Jesse Atkinson. I write code for a living. I currently work at Credit Karma. These days I spend most of my day writing Scala. For the past decade or so I've worked as a full-stack web developer, but focused on the front-end. I've worked in just about every popular JS framework. My LinkedIn is the best place to go for more career info or you can grab my résumé here .

Photo of my wife Lauren and me. Taken by Aubrey McCready.https://www.photographybyaubrey.com

Me & Lauren. Taken by Aubrey McCready.

Outside of work & coding I'm into video games, music, and film and often tweet about them. You can find all my movie reviews on Letterboxd and book reviews on Good Reads. I've also tracked all the music I listen to since 2009 on Last.fm. As far as gaming goes I'm on PSN and play a lot of Destiny with the Disco Technical clan, Monster Hunter World, and FFXIV. I am married to Lauren Atkinson who continually challenges me to be better. And I have two ridiculous cats, Sprinkles & Nutmeg.

In a past life I was a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. I was in a band called The Jacets for many years. We put out an EP & a record. I was also featured on an episode of It Might Get Personal and Systematic with Brett Terpstra.

I live in San Francisco and am originally from Detroit.

This Website & Tooling

What my terminal usually looks like

What I stare at most days.

This is my internet home. I write mostly about technology, but I don't let this stop me from posting about the occasional off topic thing and occasionally write about non-technology things. Mostly this website is my attempt at sharing things I've found helpful or interesting that don't fit in a tweet.

This site uses Hugo with a heavily modified Coder theme. I opted to use a simple CMS & build upon an existing theme rather than write everything custom myself because I code for a living and don't want to do it in my free time as well. This site is intentionally minimal with no javascript involved. It was important to me to make this as simple and lightweight as possible so that I'd (hopefully) fiddle with it less and write more. It should also be fully accessible as it adheres to the WAI-ARIA spec. If you encounter any issues reading this site with assistance tools please let me know.

I write and code everything in Vim. You can see my dotfiles here if you're curious about how I do computers.


Email is best – jesse[at]jsatk[dot]us. DM on Twitter is good too. My public GPG key is over on Keybase. I also hang out on IRC (in the #scala and #vim channels mostly). I'm jsatk on basically everything that requires me to have a username.

I love hearing from people (especially if it's to point out an error in something I wrote).